• Business phone services
  • $29.99 Month
  • Business Internet
  • Starting at $29.99 Month
  • Wireless phone
  • Starting at $30.00 Month
  • Unlimited talk text data.

Let your customers call you free of charge.

Toll Free service provides a cost-effective method for customer contact and support for pre- and post-sales, order taking, product support, general information and other key customer service functions. Global Wireless Domestic Toll Free service is a competitively priced, full-featured offering. Direct overflow calls to another local line so your callers get the attention they deserve. Using our 24/7 web access you can even change where your Toll Free access number rings to, so when you need to leave the office you can change it to your cell, home or forward it to your answering service.

Your network is the foundation that helps you innovate.

Global Wireless helps connect you in the office and in the cloud with secure, reliable business internet services . Empower your employees to share ideas effortlessly while improving productivity and controlling costs. 

Why Global Wireless business internet service? .

  • 24/7 customer support .
  • Fast, secure business internet connections .
  • Network reliability .
  • Bundle discounts

From unlimited streaming to weekly deals & giveaways, our Global Wireless plans offer customer benefits that let you do a whole lot more than talk—at no extra cost.

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